Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017: National Haiku Day

Today is National Haiku day. To celebrate, here are a few literary and library-themed Haiku poems for your enjoyment. Don't forget to stop by the front desk at either library branch and submit a Haiku of your own until April 24th for a chance to win a prize!

Can you guess which works of fiction belong to each Haiku below?

In a world of screens
true knowledge is forbidden.
The books must be burned.
Evil ring of gold
uniting elves and mankind-
the test of friendship.
Blinded by ego,
acting arrogant and cruel
yet falling in love
One child, no husband
Judgment is the color red
Sins will be revealed
Returning from war
stranded with a goddess fair
a Greek hero waits
A nosy houseguest
asks about dead Catherine.
Heathcliff is haunted.
A plain governess
loves the master of the house.
Fear the madwoman.
knowledge at the cost of love.
Meddling scientist...
And one for the library...
Afterlife of trees,
caldera of creation-
a whole universe.

Did you guess all of the Haiku above? Are you stumped? Let us know!
Posted by Kaitlyn Auer, Library Clerk